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Nano Single Drink Shots

Oh Wow Hemp - Nano Single Drink Shot

Oh Wow Hemp - Nano Single Drink Shot

CBD NANO SUPER SHOT is a water based concentrate that is powered by this science. It can be added to water-soluble products, like water and beverages, in general. It’s convenient to use and delivers optimal results.

Not sure how to get the best value and results from cannabinoid products? Find out how science can help you decide.

When you do something for your wellness, it’s important to know that you are getting the maximum benefits for your efforts and investment. While there’s a wealth of information, testimonies, and opinions circulating about cannabinoid wellness products, the real proof comes down to science. And that’s where OH WOW HEMPS nano-technology comes in.

what are cannabinoids

What are cannabinoids?
There are more than 85 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, which is part of the Cannabiceae family. Cannabinoids are botanical chemical compounds that deliver an array benefits. They do not deliver any psychotropic effects, meaning they will not get you “high”. All living things are born with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and throughout the body, so you are hard-wired to receive them.

Basically, all-natural, specific hemp-derived cannabinoid particles are made water-soluble and extremely bio-available by a process called Nano-emulsification.

With most consumer products, only about 10% of the particles get used by your body. That’s because a cell cannot fully absorb a particle that is bigger than it. Cannabinoid particles measure about 2,000 nanometers (or millionths of a meter). Human cells can only absorb particles that measure 60-80 nanometers.

Nano-emulsifacation makes the particles small enough for your body to fully utilize them and reap the benefits. The specific cannabinoid particles in CBD NANO SUPER SHOTS are small enough for the body to fully absorb at the cellular level.

This process makes NANO SUPER SHOTS a powerful, cost-effective option. The smaller particles created by nanotechnology mean enjoying better results AND no more wasting 90 percent of the product.