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CBD Water

Oh Wow Hemp - CBD Water 500ml

Oh Wow Hemp - CBD Water 500ml

Great new product  💦 CBD WATER 💦


Each bottle contains 500ml of Natural Spring water infused with CBD hemp droplets.

Live life to the full and enjoy the natural rehydration of NANO AQUA CBD water.Our saying is "FEEL ALIVE. FEEL REFRESHED "nano aqua is a Natural Spring water rich in minerals infused with CBD hemp droplets.

Our water soluble CBD hemp extract blended into our water provides Maximum Bio-Availability. This allows for faster uptake and the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier for superior absorption compared to any oil based CBD product on the market.Thats because our NANOS are as small as 16 nanometers and due to recent lab tests the body can utilise virtually all of the cannabinoid particles because our cells can only absorb only smaller particles than themselves.

You’ll be amazed at how good our new CBD water tastes!